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think about what you are looking for in a potential dating partner. This is the first important step that you will take on the road to finding that special someone for you.

Speed dating is something that has been around for a very long time but seems to be well known only in circles where many people in the singles dating scene have researched
it. This way of meeting people is somewhat unique, but has been found to be rather effective overall. Organizers of this event advertise and take registrations, usually
online, which is accompanied by prepayment through a credit card. People attending the speed dating event are treated to numerous 3 to 8 minute “dates” with many other
attendants. At the end of the event, anyone who connects with another person during the evening will give this information to the organizers. They will see if there are any
matches of interest. If so, the contact information will be shared with the appropriate people. Many people meet this way and go on to enjoy a long relationship. Read More »

Dating Armenian Websites

If you are looking for that special person in your life, you may want to consider using dating websites. There are many of these on the internet these days and a large percentage of these are even legitimate. They are easy to find and easier still to become a member of. As long as you are determined and diligent in your quest, this is something that just may work for you. Read More »

Dating Armenian Services

Dating services are plentiful in this day and age. There are many that are custom tailored to fit every need and desire. All you need to do is seek out some of these services. Once you find them, it will be necessary to ask yourself a few questions.

What are you looking for in a date and possible mate? Ask yourself this question before you approach any of the services as their first step in matching you with someone is creating a profile of you for others to view. Generally, there are 3 things people are looking for when they seek assistance. Dig a little deeper into your psyche as you consider using this way of searching. This will help you choose dating services just right for you. Read More »

My Armenian Love Website Review

All new members get 2 years of free membership. All the features are free. You can register yourself and see all the features. Site has Russian and English versions (auto-set by IP address or explicitly set by user).
The only paid service is an electronic gift-sending and for that user either has to pay to buy credits ($10 for 400 credits; set of flower cost 100 credits) or accumulate credits by logging in every day. Site has chat room and free 1-to-1 private messaging (IM) supporting video messaging.

Q: How credits are being used. How to earn them and how to buy them?
A: Credits are user only for sending electronic gifts to other users
and for placing users’ photos to Hot list (100 credits). All users get
some credits for free (for example, users get 50 credit at
registration, when they upload avatar (20), when they have everyday
activity (10 credits per day), at birthdays (50 credits), when voting
in polls (20)., etc.). For referring a friend user gets 100 credits.
Users can purchase extra credit by visiting “Subscribe->Buy More

Armenian Girls – More Strong Characteristics on Armenian Girls

Armenian girls are strong.  In every sense of this word.  Would  enter  a  house  on  fire,  Would  hold  up  a  galloping  horse  .They  are  strong  in  bearing  things,  in  forgiving,  in  struggling  for  their  and  their  families’  survival,  in  keeping  themselves  beautiful  despite  the  worst  life  conditions.  But  above  all  they  are  strong  in  showing  their  weakness,  especially  in  relationship  to  their  men.


Apart  from  being  beautiful  and  strong,  Armenian  girls  are  very  well  educated  and  hard  working.  Literacy  and  education  levels  among  the  Armenian  population  are  relatively  high,  largely  because  the  Soviet  system  placed  great  emphasis  on  education.  Some  92  percent  of  the  Armenian  people  have  completed  at  least  secondary  school,  and  15  %  have  completed  some  form  of  higher  education  (university  and  above).Girls  make  up  more  than  half  the  work  force.


All  these  wonderful  features  listed  above  would  be  rather  useless  without  the  one  which  I  personally  value  as  the  highest  human  quality  the  spirituality.

Armenian  spirituality  is  different  from  the  Indian  or  the  Western  one.  Thanks  to  the  ban  on  religion  in  the  Soviet  times  people  got  free  from  the  ritualism  of  the  typical  religious  societies.  In  the  absence  of  the  church/temple/mosque  people  had  to  seek  God  in  their  heart. I consider  myself  lucky  that  I  was  born  and  grew  up  in  an  atheistic  atmosphere  that  gave  me  a  clear  vision  and  understanding  of  my  spiritual  way  without  any  force  from  society.

What  you  will  probably  miss  in  the  Armenian  woman  is  the  joy,  the  fun,  the  hot-blooded  passion.

What  you  will  find  is  the  certain  sadness,  mystery,  deep  love  and  compassion,  tenderness  and  dedication.

And  the  Armenian  eyes  open,  candid  and  a  bit  melancholically.

The  eyes,  reflecting  the  everlasting  struggle  between  the  Western  mind  and  the  Asian  soul.

Dating Armenian Tips: 9 Simple Things Any Women Want


Besides the meaning of life and the ingredients of hot dogs, many a man has questioned, “What exactly do women want?” We’re not playing coy here, we know we’re complex creatures. And, true, we operate on a different wavelength than men.

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Armenian girls – Who Are They?

Armenian girls they are the objects of Armenian national pride.  I  wonder  if  there  is  any  other  country  in  this  world  where  its  girls  are  considered  the  national  objects  of  value?

Being  able  to  watch  Armenian  girls  in  their  home  country  and  abroad  for  quite  a  time,  and  being  an  Armenian  woman  myself  I  want  to  share  with  you  some  results  of  my  long-time  observations  on  the  subject  of  their  nature.

But  first  let  me  make  one  very  important  statement:

Every  country  gives  its  special  color/flavor  to  its  citizens,  due  to  the  geographical,  historical,  cultural  or  many  other  reasons.  Thus,  I  personally  consider  the  girls  of  every  country  a  special  object  of  value,  kind  of  a  priceless  commodity,  the  treasure.

So what is there about Armenian girls?

Physical beauty

Face:  Armenian  girls  are  beautiful ,  they  are  aware  of  their  beauty,  they  like  to  make  themselves  beautiful  and  they  enjoy  being  beautiful.  Beauty  will  save  the  world  is  one  of  the  most  favorite  Russian  quotes  by  F.Dostoevski.

Colors:  although  being  often  accused  by  their  western  neighbors  of  wearing  kitch  Armenians  do  love  colorful  clothes  and  fabrics.  The  passion  for  colors,  gold,  silver  and  precious  stones  must  be  inherited  from  the  Asians  and  probably  will  be  never  understood  by  the  Westerners  🙂


Armenian girls have the bearing power.  They can bear a lot.  They  bear  the  stupid  and  horrible  drinking  of  their  men  the  drinking  these  men  are  so  proud  of.  They bear all that for a long, long time.  Many for their lifetimes. But many want another destiny.

Masculinity vs.  femininity  refers  to  the  value  placed  on  traditionally  male  or  female  values  (as  understood  in  most  Western  cultures).  So  called  masculine cultures  value  competitiveness,  assertiveness,  ambition,  and  the  accumulation  of  wealth  and  material  possessions,  whereas  feminine  cultures  place  more  value  on  relationships  and  quality  of  life.  That  explains  a  lot  why  Armenians,  especially  Armenian  girls  are  very  caring  and  supportive,  gentle  and  motherly.  I  guess  it  is  something  alongside  with  the  feminine  beauty  –  that  makes  them  especially  attractive .

Where Are The Hye Single Men?

In the ongoing dialogue between men and women, it seems the lines of communication are ringing with the annoying drone of a  busy signal. The growing ranks of people remaining single, either unwillingly or by choice, has swollen to unexpected  proportions in the last decade.

“All the good ones are taken,” says Serineh with a wink of her eye. Although it’s meant to be a joke, there’s a tone of  underlying seriousness.

“Don’t worry. You’ll catch them on the next round,” responds Razmig, implying that with the recent spate of divorces,  potential partners once thought to be out of reach are now available again.

“But they’re all so burned by the experience that they never want to do it again,” says Serineh.

Studies have shown conclusively that married people live longer. Specifically, the death rate for people who are unmarried  (never been married, divorced or widowed) is significantly higher than for those who are married and living with their  spouse. But the biggest difference was in those who had never married.

“So all those jokes about being married …,” begins Serineh and trails off.

“Good thing I got that out of the way,” quips Sarkis about his former marriage.

Unfortunately for Sarkis, the studies also go on to show that married adults are generally healthier than unmarried adults.  In comparing the health levels of married and divorced men, it’s been discovered that that the relative health levels of  divorcees drops significantly as they age. In fact, by the time divorced men reach the age of 50, they can expect their  health to deteriorate much faster than the health of those who are married.

So a happy husband has about ten years added to his expected lifespan while a woman’s lifespan increases by a mere four  years.

Although weddings have not tapered off, as evidenced by the year long wait for a hall or church date, it is the union of  people of a certain age that has become uncommon.

“Yeah, at this age, why bother?” asks Razmig. As we grow older and more established in our lives, there is a tendency to get  set in our ways. We develop likes and dislikes about how we want our homes and our lives structured. “Is it really worth all  the effort?” Razmig goes on to ask.

If the above research is not enough, then consider this: a new study now suggests that marriage, especially in middle age,  keeps the mind sharp and wards off age related issues like memory loss and dementia. The most vulnerable are those who are  widowed or divorced and do not remarry. The marriage factor on the well being of the mind affects it regardless of education,  physical activity or level of social interaction.

So what is an Armenian single person to do? Both sides seem be in a stand off: one claiming there are no quality men willing  to consider marriage and the other hesitant to make the mistake of marrying the wrong woman.

“Where are the men?” asks Serineh, looking around the roomful of people who are either too young or clearly attached to their  families.

“They don’t come to events like this,” says Taline.

“Why not? We’re here,” Serine says while Taline shrugs. She can’t respond to Serineh’s statement.

“Where are you supposed to go to meet them?” asks Serineh. Again Taline can’t respond.

Mary, a globetrotting grandmother who has keenly watched the shifting dynamics between the sexes, believes that the reason  why Armenian women don’t meet good men is because they are taught different things then men about dating.  “I don’t know how  it is now, but in my time God forbid if I invited attention, wore a showy dress, had a low neckline or wore it tight. I would  be considered nothing short of a prostitute.”

She is vocal about the double standards inherent in gender relations. “Men, apparently, need clues in order to approach a  woman. Without those clues women’s chances are kaput. On the other hand, woe to the woman who takes the first step: she is  crucified.” Mary goes on to suggest that someone should write a book about proper modern dating rules in the Armenian  community of the United States so we no longer rely on “imported traditions from Caesaria or Aintab.” She believes that there  is nothing wrong with a woman going out to match (a computer dating site) to get a companion. “Enough of sitting home  waiting for a call, or pampering an overinflated ego, for a drop of love. I’m just sorry to see wonderful ladies end up  broken-hearted due to sticking to outdated attitudes.”

In a busy and complicated world it’s hard to maintain a varied social life. Dickran claims that the established venues of  matchmaking in the Armenian community are no longer working. “You see the same people over and over again.”

There is resistance to the idea of, what is essentially, a blind date even though a mere generation ago, being introduced by  an intermediary was an accepted practice in Diasporan communities.

Fortunately things seem to be changing somewhat. Currently, there are several internet dating sites that cater specifically  to Armenians. Al, a reader of this column, sent in a comment telling of his experience of how he spent several years using  the same old methods of trying to find an “Armenian bride.”

“I wasn’t able to meet a quality girl in social settings or parties. I found it difficult to meet and start a conversation  with an Armenian girl in social gatherings. These events have turned into fashion shows and modeling events. It’s all about  who is wearing what, driving what, and doing what. Very little spend time to get to know the other person. Hopelessly, I  turned to the Internet for help. I found several Armenian dating websites where I had the opportunity to meet Armenian girls  and start a conversation right away. I met and dated many Armenian girls. Some were quality girls, some weren’t. Eventually,  I found the love of my life. We met on an Armenian singles website and started dating and married a year later. Online dating  has its downsides, but it’s worth trying.”

“Maybe it’s time to consider the internet,” says Dickran. It will certainly be good for his health.

By Tamar Kevonian on Oct 16th, 2009

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