Hay Singles Match Testimonial: I Found The Other Half Of My Heart

I always thought it would be so easy to find the other half of myself, but at age 31 I wasn’t even close.I had dated my last jerk and was close to giving up.hay singles match

I completely understand all those ‘love at first sight’ stories now.

I put my profile on Match.com mostly as a way to fight boredom, but then one day I got an email from a guy with the most attractive photo I had literally ever seen. He said he felt as though he perfectly fit my profile and asked me what I thought.

I thought he was far too attractive-how could he be interested in me? But we emailed back and forth for a week and then spoke on the phone over the holidays-a lot! We met in person for the first time the night before New Year’s Eve.


I completely understand all those “love at first sight” stories now. I got back in my car after our date and we sent text messages back and forth all the way home-that’s how much we liked each other.

It’s been 4 months now and we are together. I don’t remember what my life was like before I knew Jack and I don’t ever want to know that life again. He’s the guy who makes the air smell sweeter and makes all my days brighter. He is all I ever wanted and dreamed of-he is the other half of my heart.

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