Do People Really Use Online Dating Sites?


Here are some statistical facts by the leading provider of Internet research Nielsen NetRatings Company.

The results of its Online Dating Survey which provide a revealing insight into how dating really works in the 21st Century.

  • One in three Internet users would now use the web to meet a potential dating partner
  • The Internet is the third most popular method for getting a date

% using this method to meet other singles:
Through friends –  53%
Pubs / clubs –         53%
At work –                  33%
Online personals / dating site / chat rooms / discussion boards – 33%
Dating agency –       53%
Via classified ads – 53%
Speed dating events – 53%

Many single people are using the Internet to find anything from friendship to marriage. One of the advantages of the web is that it provides access to a large number of different types of people to meet in every geographical location – particularly appealing in our increasingly cluttered lives.

The Internet also provides another crucial advantage over the two most popular methods – you don’t need help from friends. You can access a dating site seven days a week but finding friends to go out with every night could be difficult and going out alone isn’t easy – especially for women. When you factor in the cost as well – one night out could easily cost more than one month’s subscription to a dating site – it’s easy to see why the web is such a popular option for meeting singles online.


Some facts what Men and women look when trying to find their soul mate browsing dating websites.

  • Women are most likely to contact someone based on their description
  • Men are most likely to contact someone because they liked their photo
  • Every factor, except someone’s photo, was more important to women than men – the difference in importance particularly accentuated for job (twice as likely to be important to women than men) and income (2.5 times as likely)
  • For men the most appealing feature about Internet dating is the ability to email people they like the look of on a one-to-one basis
  • For women the most appealing feature about Internet dating is the pre-screening that provides a list of potential matches based on personal characteristics, interests etc.

Top 10 factors for deciding to contact someone from a dating site

Rank            Factor                                                  % citing this factor
1    Liked the way they looked in photo——74%
2    Way they described themselves——– 70%
3    Their hobbies and interests ————60%
4    Their age——————————54%
5    Where they lived———————-46%
6    Education Level ———————–24%
7    Profession—————————–15%
8    Their job——————————14%
9    Their income—————————5%
10   Their star sign ————————-4%

E.g. 74% of respondents said they liked the way someone looked in the photo as a factor in deciding to contact them.Source: The Nielsen/NetRatings Online Dating Survey, UK MegaPanel, July 2005

Internet has already started to revolutionize dating in the 21st century – providing such a practical but enjoyable solution to finding anything from friendship to love despite the complexities and requirements of modern life.

As more single men and women start dating online there is clearly a huge opportunity for those logged on looking to find love and romance online.

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