Dating Armenian Profiles

Most people find it very difficult to write about themselves, and dating profiles are no exception. These may be even harder in some ways. Here is your chance to shine, yet you are reluctant to toot your own horn? Or maybe you swing to far the other way and build yourself up to the point that that who you really are, and who you have described are totally different people. Neither is going to be very productive in helping you meet the right people. Sell yourself short and you will find others doing the same. Go overboard in your dating profiles and you may be labeled a con artist or worse!

The first part of your profile is called the headline area. This is the grabber where you want to attract others to click and take a more in depth look at you as a person. It can be difficult to write a headline. You want to be funny and clever but if you are afraid of coming off dumb and corny, then try this: Quote a line from your favorite movie! Those you have much in common with may recognize the line. A song lyric can also work to headline your dating profiles.

Your next concern is your picture. Get the most recent picture of yourself. Do not be tempted to use pictures of others! This is about the worst way to begin online dating.
You will not get far once it’s discovered the picture is not you. Be aware there are also websites out there that call people out on these actions and expose them for fakes.
So be yourself and present yourself in an attractive way. Be neat and clean, and do not crop someone else out of the picture and post that. It’s obvious and makes your dating profiles look cheap.


In writing about yourself, remember it does not have to be perfect. Right from your heart as though a good friend is reading it and can guess that it’s you. Browse through other members profiles and see how their writing style represents who they are. Do not just say “if you have questions ask”. Realize in doing so, the person who does that is more interested in your physical appearance than anything else as that’s really all you have given them to go on. Quality attracts quality, so remember that as you create your dating profiles. Know in your mind who you hope to attract and say so!

Remember to include as many pictures as you can. Representing yourself in all sorts of different ways is fun and informative. Be honest about your looks. If you need to lose
20 lbs then don’t say you are built like a model. For that matter, don’t mention weight at all. Just let your pictures represent you for who you are. On the flip side, don’t
post that you are looking for someone thin and attractive. Of course you are. Everyone is! However, in your dating profiles, make sure you are staying “real.”

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