Dating Armenian Agencies

The first thing you should know about dating agencies is that they are not cheap. While many offer a guarantee of sorts, your upfront fee for their services is going to be due the day you sign a contract. Usually, you are looking at a figure of at least $1,000 to begin. You are buying the benefit of the agency’s database of people who best fit your interests, as well as any service they offer to help you in your quest.

Once you have signed a contract with one of the dating agencies, you will complete a very detailed profile about yourself. This is the way the agency gets to know you and is able to match you to other similar profiles. Next, you will most likely be asked to make a video. This is the way that other members get to see you without actually meeting you. When making this video, keep in mind that it’s your chance to shine. Look your best and let your personality come out. Think of it as an audition of sorts. Your profile apparently looked great on paper to someone and now they want to see more.


A positive thing about using dating agencies is for reasons of safety. Part of the membership process is a thorough background investigation. Such things as previous criminal activities and identity verification are of particular interest. If anything negative turns up during these investigations, that person is not allowed to become a member. This may seem an invasion of privacy to some, but in reality it is a very smart precautionary move on the part of the agency. They are not only protecting themselves from any future lawsuits, but are protecting you, as a member, from becoming a crime victim.

Most reputable dating agencies do have a solid record. They are usually able to pull off miracles where it seemed impossible. Couples are matched and married through these agencies everyday. Therefore, if you are looking for a safe way to meet someone special, and you can afford it, this is definitely the way to go. Before long, you, too, could be one of those big photos that hang in a place of honor in the agency lobby, as a success story

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