Thinking of Marrying Someone From Another Culture?

Marrying someone from another nation can be exciting! There are so many things that are new and different, interesting and challenging. These same things can be a source of frustration and conflict, misunderstanding and hurt. Before you marry someone from another nation, take a look at this list. Perhaps you will see some things here that you have not

We are not trying to convince you that marrying someone from another culture is right or wrong. That is something you will have to determine for yourself. But the Word does say that a wise man calculates the cost before beginning construction on a house. Hopefully this will help you consider the cost of cross-cultural marriage.

Marrying someone from another culture [could] mean that one of you will be living outside of your home nation permanently —which means that you will not be able to see your family very often. That means your children will see very little of one set of parents (their grandparents).

[The following are a few questions to ask yourselves before you go any further in considering marrying someone from another culture.]

Are you willing for your children to not really know your parents?

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Learning more about meeting Armenian singles

There’s no question that Armenian singles are wonderful people and anyone who is looking for a relationship in which they’ll feel valued, appreciated and will actually be able to communicate with their partner maturely, will certainly love having a relationship with an Armenian. However, you should know that while initially the idea of marrying a foreigner sounds like a wonderful thing, after all the excitement and mystery of dating someone out of your own race has subsided, you will find there are many problems you’ll have to go through. Below, we’ll take a closer look at the most common ones.

Are you willing to trade communication?

You may say that using English in order to communicate with your partner is enough, but there are many situations in which your English skills will just not be enough to express exactly what you want. This is especially the case when you want to express your feelings towards the person you love. And if you’re a real funny person, you’ll find that this quality of yours will have a lot to suffer due to the fact that you’ll have to convert your jokes into English. Just think about this for a minute, especially if you value authentic, fluid and overall entertaining conversations.

Will you gulp the fact that your family won’t be able to talk to your partner?

You’re not the only one who is going to welcome a new person in your life, but also your family and friends. Are they willing to accept the fact that they may be unable to talk to your spouse? You know very well that soon enough you’ll have a lot of things to explain not only to your family, but also to your spouse, things that would be mutually understood and enjoyed if you would’ve married someone from your own culture.

Would you accept that your children will have problems talking to your spouse?

You should also think about the children you and your partner will have. They’ll basically need to learn 2 languages and eventually, it will be very hard for them to talk to you two. Whether you like it or not, having a foreign spouse will slowly but surely, make you 2 feel separated by an invisible wall. You’ll both live in your own worlds, even if you live together under the same roof. This will often be seen through your activities, the TV shows you watch, the movies you enjoy and so forth.

Are you OK with living in your spouse’s country indefinitely?

This is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when marrying someone from a foreign country. You will not only begin a new life with your spouse, but you’ll maybe have to move into a different country. Simple things that you would take for granted in your country, like shopping, asking for directions and so forth are suddenly going to become impossible or very complicated. This will in turn make you feel shut down from the rest of society. And obviously, this is not a pleasant feeling at all.

With that being said, these are the main aspects you should consider if you are planning on dating Armenian singles with the thought of marrying someone. Be sure you think this through before taking one of the most important decisions of your life.

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